Substitution of Kapolri there is Star Wars

Perang Bintang Menjelang Pergantian Kapolri Oktober

Members of the House of Representatives Law Commission Nasir Djamil states crisscrossing stories 'disappearance' Police Friday (13 / 8), allegedly linked to the planned change of Chief of Police. "There's a star war before the turn of the National Police," Nasir said when contacted by Tempo, Saturday (14 / 8).

According to Nasir, information maze goal was to create a negative image and delegitimasi Police shortly. "So the impression the people who filed police chief is not legitimate," said PKS is a politician.

News mazy 'disappearance' Chief of Police yesterday, continued Nasir, indicates that General Bambang began to be abandoned. The incident clearly shows that the system in the Police Department did not walked. "As an institution that prioritizes the command, the differences should not happen," he said.

Nasir states currently competing camps towards the turn of Police have been very subtle play. Camps had come under the category of force, ie force 77.78, and 80. Chief of Police, tend to want a force that will replace the 78 position. The goal, so that there is an orderly regeneration in the police. "But there is a refresher class with 80 to give the younger generation," he said.

As previously preached, National Police Chief Gen Bambang Hendarso Danuri disappeared for 10 hours 'disappear' without a word, on Friday (13 / 8). In fact, at 08.00 pm, the police chief is scheduled to inaugurate high-ranking officers in the police. The event was postponed. In the afternoon, Police Chief Expert Advisory Kastorius Sinaga preaching, police chief for a day of rest at home not feeling well. "I have an upset stomach, vomiting and my head got dizzy," said Police Chief Kastorius mimicked.

Source: Tempo

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