Secrets of Indonesia in Singapore

Secrets of Indonesia in Singapore

Indonesia's inability to master information technology (IT) to make Indonesia is prone to leak state secrets. Moreover, many mobile operators and internet users in Indonesia is based in Singapore and Malaysia.

"We are already behind in terms of progress and mastery of technology to various aspects, especially in the IT sector. This concern has been mounting violence, let alone many cellular operators and internet we are controlled from the two countries," said a member of the House of Representatives Commission I, Paschal Kossay, last night.

Former vice-chairman of Parliament of Papua was also admitted, many parties who seem to not realize urgent control of IT, especially in relation to the affairs of state or business secrets worth billions of dollars.

"I was surprised too with the info from a discussion in Jakarta, that an IT expert alumni of a prestigious university in Indonesia revealed that the RI was increasingly dictated Singapore and Malaysia in terms of telecommunications in addition to banking," he said.

As it evolved in a roundtable discussion, specifically in terms of IT, Indonesia is just so easy to earn a dollar and field ringgit by the two neighbor countries. This is because all the cellular operators and Internet-based on these two neighbor countries.

Consequently, any "voucher" Any pulse, also every time a citizen open internet (browse), a direct hit "charge" the exploited automatically go there. "That is, they are fat by our ignorance. One more thing, with the situation like now, so any information, including state secrets to be naked in the eyes of the country 'peanut' in Singapore," says Benni TBN, IT expert who became one of the speakers in the discussion that.

Benny then disclose all, traffic is in fact controlled by the optical network "traffic administrator" in Singapore. "Because of all the internet and mobile networks should be withdrawn or 'forced' through 'primary node' in the city. So, let alone 'state secrets' which they did not know? Unfortunately again, the satellite Indosat (formerly Palapa) became majority owned by Temasek Holdings (an SOE Singapore), "he said again.

As a result, he continued, except we become like the 'naked' in any of the information, RI was also just serve as cellular customers. "This position is far below the distributor of cellular functions. So we're just a 'outlet', artisans selling their IT products. And a clear, many companies are providers we just name it belongs to RI doang company with majority shares held by them," he said.

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