Mekkah Mean Time Change GMT

Mekkah Mean Time Change GMT

Mekkah Mean Time. Saudi Arabia's ambitions to shift the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) as the center of world time line in his hour Completes largest tower in Abraj Al-temple in Mecca. What is the effect if Saudi Arabia became the world center of time?

Since 125 years ago, the international community has agreed that the area used Greenwich as the initial size world time, because it was agreed as a point of zero degrees longitude.

What happens if the zero degrees longitude was moved to Mecca? "If such a zero point (longitude) in Makkah, the date will likely shift boundary lines," said research professor of astronomy and astrophysics from the National Aeronautics and Space Agency (Lapan) Thomas Djamaluddin.

Thomas explained, the determination of the longitude of Greenwich is a null point of an international convention. From there then the world is divided into 360 longitude and the timing reference.

If it's zero longitude shift, then the system time, date and day shifts as well. "When similar GMT, potentially days and dates will be shifted toward the region who might not like the international date line. Territory is cut on the line (just 180 degrees longitude) is the territorial sea is not land, not a populated area," explained Thomas.

The Government of Saudi Arabia is completing an ambitious project to shift the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) as the center of world time. A giant clock tower is five times larger than Big Ben in London is being built in the city of Mecca.

This cube-shaped clock tower four sides. Diameter clock reaches 40 meters, beating the previous largest hours into the roof Cevahir Mall in Turkey with a diameter of 35 meters.

The time clock is used by Arabian Standard Time, three hours earlier than GMT (GMT +3). For Saudi Arabia, Mecca is considered more appropriate as the epicenter of the world. The holy city is claimed by Muslims as a region without magnetic force by Egyptian investigators as Abdel-Baset Al-Sayyed.

"That's why when someone travels to Mecca or lives there, they live longer and healthier because her life is much less influenced by gravity," explained al-Sayyed. Mekkah Mean Time

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