Obama recalls victims of the Mumbai attacks

Obama recalls victims of the Mumbai attacks

United States - President Barack Obama has said India and America are united against terrorism during a visit to the location of the bloody terrorist attack in Mumbai in 2008. He said the hotel Taj Mahal Palace where he and his entourage stayed during a visit to India, a symbol of "strength and toughness" of India. Obama was in India in the 10-day visit to Asia, which aims to increase American exports and create jobs.

He is scheduled to visit Indonesia, South Korea and Japan. "We will never forget," Obama said during a ceremony remembering the victims who were killed in attacks by Islamic militants. The memorial fountain in the form of attack with a sprinkling of flowers that lies outside the hotel lobby.

He also wrote in the memorial guest book: "The United States shows solidarity with the rest of Mumbai and India through co-operation to mengataasi terrorism." More than 170 people died in coordinated attacks serangakaian throughout the city in November 2008. Obama said he intends to send a single warning to make Mumbai as the first city visited and stayed at the hotal Taj.

After that, Obama and his wife visited the museum at the former home of Mahatma Gandhi, who is seen as the father of Indian independence and spiritual leader revered as a global. Obama wrote in the guest book that Gandhi "was a hero not for India but for the world".

President Obama is scheduled to meet with local businessmen and the United States. U.S. officials hope there will be announcements about the big contract. President Obama's visit comes after the Democratic defeat in the by-election which is seen as a punishment because the government failed to tackle high unemployment.

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