Brad Pitt played Spider-Man

NanLimo Today ~ Brad Pitt is known as a good father. He has a very close relationship with her three children. He also tried to realize the wishes of six children. So, how Brad Pitt's response when her children want her to portray the figure of Spider-Man?

This handsome actor revealed he and his six children are lovers of superhero characters. They will be happy if his father was willing to wear black and blue. The purpose of his children that they really wanted was his father's role as the superhero Spider-Man.

This is expressed by Pitt while attending the animated movies "Megamind'. He admitted Spider-Man is a superhero who favored the extended family.

"Kids think, Spider-Man's coolest. If there is one superhero who would I play, is the main character," Pitt said as quoted by Femalefirst, Saturday (6 / 11). Unfortunately, it looks like Pitt too late. The director and producer has been finding the right actor to replace Tobey Maguire, who had been identical to portray the superhero. They have chosen British actor Andrew Garfield for the role as Spider-Man.

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