U.S. Ban Diet Drug Qnexa

Food and Drug Supervisory Agency United States (U.S.) issued a ban on weight-loss pill called Qnexa. In fact, some experts say that diet pills as a helper obese most appropriate for more than a decade. These drugs can reduce rapid predicted 10% of the total weight after taking the pill. It is not appropriate if the facts diet drugs circulating in the market currently only able to decrease less than 5% of total body weight.

Vivus Inc., manufacturer of the drug, Penyamun Code* the Food and Drug Administration declared the United States refused to give its approval of the pill in the form at this time. Agency responsible for food safety and medicine in the United States was asking for more research and additional information on health risks caused.

Risks to health include the influence of the drug on the heart and female reproductive potential. Vivus state drug and food regulatory agency that the U.S. did not ask for other clinical studies, but research is likely to remain necessary. The company plans to respond to the FDA's decision within 6 weeks.

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