Megamind 3D King Weekend Box Office

Megamind 3D King Weekend Box Office

NanLimo Today ~ This weekend, U.S. box office animation movie marred by three-dimensional (3D)Dreamworks-Paramounts production, Megamind. The film is a voice by Will Ferrell and Brad Pitt are predicted to be entrenched in the top box office. Premiere of 'Megamind 3D' at the 3944 IMAX theater cinema and 195 North American and Canada, will likely kick domination movie that is now entrenched in the top 5 box office. It is estimated Megamind debut will make profits in the range of Rp355, 6 billion, as quoted from, Friday (05/11/2010).

This year alone, production of Dreamworks animated film, released in 3-dimensional, How to Train Your Dragon is released before the summer, opened with a gross income of approximately $ 388.4 billion. Dreamworks seems optimistic, Megamind will achieve the same performance.

Megamind themed version of the crime with a sense of good science fiction, is expected to exceed the achievements Dragon. Another newcomer, Due Date, produced by Warner Bros.. The film takes the story of this comedy starring Zach Galifianakis and Robert Downey Jr. Apparently, the duo will both blow the winds of heaven in the top box office this weekend. Directed by Todd Phillips, the gatherers of The Hangover, he tried to mix these two actors a sense of humor to turn the character in the movies.

However, Phillips estimates that the opening of Due Date can be pocketed $ 177.8 billion, though still far below last comedy film profits that reached $ 266.7 billion figure range. The third newcomer Film For Colored Girls, Lionsgate production. The film stars Tyler Perry, who digadangkan would bring this film a success. This film will be shown in 2127 theaters.

In the fourth and fifth place box office ladder, will compete strictly between 3D Saw and RED. Two film is still in the top five box office for this weekend. There's one more title to movie newcomer. But indicated that this film will not penetrate into the top five box office. 127 Hours Movies starring James Franco as a mountain climber Aron Ralston and directed by Danny Boyle, Slumdog Millionaire at though.

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