Taylor Momsen: I It Like Crazy Madness (Videos)

NanLimo Today ~ Taylor Momsen Bares Chest On Stage, Singer and actress Taylor Momsen admitted in some ways she does look very mad. Chanter The Pretty Reckless, said that while sometimes acting crazy but that's her true self. Taylor Momsen has been criticized for behavior and dress provocatively. Vocalist of the band 'The Pretty Reckless' was admitted in her daily life is different when on stage.

Momsen is often compared to Courtney Love. Both are equally rock band vocalist. Momsen and Love also has blond hair and clothing styles are similar. Momsen revealed she hates compared with others and do not care about how he felt. "I do not analyze myself and I do not compare myself with other people," said 17-year-old woman. Momsen famous through her role as Jenny Humphrey in the series 'Gossip Girl'. But, he says the music world is not new for him.

"Acting or singing rather than the transition for me in any way, the type or form,''explained Momsen.''Writing songs and singing is not new for me, I've been doing since the age of five years. It's just new to the public and how they see me. That transition for them. I have not changed at all."

Taylor Momsen Bares Chest on Stage Videos

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