Eden in the East, the Lost Continent

Eden in the East

Indonesia and Southeast Asia thought to be the center of the world at the end of the Ice Age. Professor from Oxford, England, Stephen Oppenheimer, trying to track it down through the origin of modern human language. In his book Eden in the East as thick as 814 pages, the Oppenheimer theorized that modern human language originated from Southeast Asia. When the Sundaland continent drowned when the ice melts, the population of Indonesia and surrounding Sundaland immigrated to various parts of the world.

They were scattered in the earth 8000-6000 years ago. The inhabitants of Sundaland bring their language which later evolved into the world languages that exist today. Oppenheimer said, there is a kind of anomaly in the branching tree language groups in the world, and that's the Austronesian language group. This is the language of Indonesia and Oceania. There's a fine line that differentiates their language with the language elsewhere in the world.

Allegedly, this is an ancient language remain stable until today, scientists call Paleo-Hesperonesia. According to scientists, there are 30 languages in Indonesia and Malaysia are also entering this family. In Indonesia for example, there are languages that scientists were confused where to enter them into groups. Only the geographical factors which made them enter the Austronesian family.

Call it language Gayo, Batak, Nias, Mentawai, Enggano. Scientists are reluctant to incorporate them into the Malay language family because it's different. Language Dayak Kayan, Kenyah and Mahakam in Kalimantan are also different. Meanwhile in eastern Indonesia there are also unique Bajo in the Sea Sulu, southern Philippines.

They are the adventurers. Call it the person who likes to sail Bajo Flores, so there is a region called Labuhan Bajo. Oppenheimer rate, when the nations of this region spread, their language was changed. But language in the place of their origin remain stable until today.

Oppenheimer Research is certainly strengthen the research Arysio Santos who wrote Atlantis: The Lost Continent. Although, Oppenheimer had his own theory which is completely different. But he reached the same conclusion about the importance of Indonesia at the end of the Ice Age. Well if you want to know more research Oppenheimer, book Eden in the East will be issued by the horizon Press late October. Just wait.

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