Gp Korea 2010 Vettel Grabs Pole

Gp Korea 2010 Vettel Grabs Pole

NanLimo Today ~ Gp Korea 2010. Competition hunting crown champions' Formula 1 season 2010 "increasingly fierce, as Sebastian Vettel managed to occupy a leading position, ahead of top standings champions, Mark Webber, in qualifying Grand Prix (GP) Korea, Saturday (23/10). Drivers Red Bulls were going to start the race from pole position, while team-mate Webber was in second position.

Vettel recorded a time of 1 minute, 35,385 seconds, 700 seconds faster than Webber incision time. Vettel certainly very happy with qualifying result yesterday. In addition to being the leading position throughout the season and ninth fourteenth throughout his career, these results eliminate doubts on the practice sessions Friday and Saturday due to technical problems.

"With the problems that we experienced during the exercise, and we have not found the right rhythm on this new path, the result is a remarkable achievement for us," said Vettel. Vettel, the drivers who scored highest on the pole position this season, won the Grand Prix Jepan two weeks ago. Of the nine times that pole position, Vettel scored just three times a champion. Last Japanese GP two weeks ago.

Webber will start the race from a position of disadvantage. But Webber said, "This is not the end of everything. Starting the race from second position is also good. Qualification is going according to plan."

Two Red Bulls drivers were very strong across the last two sectors. However, they must be vigilant at the start of the opening race. The first sector which is a straight path, allowing for the other teams are thrust to the front. This means that Fernando Alonso, who was in third position can be a threat. The Ferrari driver had a value equal to Vettel, which is 14 digits behind Webber, will start in third. "Fernando is tough on the straight path, but it will not make it a winner," said Webber.

McLarens racer, Lewis Hamilton, who finished fourth, will tighten competition on the hunt for the title race. Unfortunately holder fifth, Jenson Button, just start the race in seventh position. These are the drivers behind the McLarens Mercedes driver, Nico Rosberg and Ferrari's Felipe Massa.

Renault driver, Robert Kubica, who topped the race in second practice session, was in eighth place, ahead of Mercedes driver, Michael Schumacher and the Williams driver, Rubens Barrichello.

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