6 Items This More Dirty than Toilet

6 Items This More Dirty than Toilet

NanLimo Today ~ Many people feel disgusted when I saw a toilet in a dirty and mossy. Toilets are one of the germs nesting sites, and save a million bacteria. However, not only the toilet, there are things in your home that can also be dirtier than a toilet. Check out a few items that also store more germs than a toilet:

Bag your pet can be a breeding place of disease germs. Do not ever put the bag at random, let alone store it under the table, near the kitchen or in an area near the food prepared. Any activity you do outside the home on a regular basis can also make your bag exposed to all kinds of bad bacteria. The experts warned for periodic cleaning bags, and do not store garbage in bags for too long.

More than 20 percent of cases of lung infections caused by standing water in the windscreen washer bottle. Of the 250 cars tested in the UK is found, a few cars that have 330,000 times more bacteria than a toilet. Only a third of car owners who clean the car with a vacuum more than twice a year. And, the study also found that only two percent of car drivers tidy and clean all the car every week.

According to Dr. Stephen Dunne, consultant at St Thomas's Dental Institute stated that including flu and herpes viruses can live on a toothbrush to a week and re-infect the user, can even spread to the other toothbrushes that are in the vicinity. While the British Dental Association warns, 50 percent of people in Britain do not ever replace his toothbrush regularly. This can cause cross-infection risk which could cause injury and develop into hepatitis B. For that, replace your toothbrush every single month, to avoid the disease.

Make-up equipment
Germs can be anchored on the make-up your equipment after 72 hours, says Dr Susan Blakeney from the College of Optometrists. So, be careful when scratching the eye that was makeup, because it can cause eye infections.

Dr Blakeney added, let the make-up on the sink is also a bad habit of many people. This can cause an infection that forms in humid conditions. And you need to know, mascara only lasts for six months, facial cleansers and moisturizers may only be used up to eight months, powder and lipstick or lip gloss for a year. While eyeshadow lip liner only last up to 18 months.

Hand dryers
Warm air coming out of the hand dryer can be contaminated by bacteria. This can increase the bacteria stuck to the hands of 255 percent, according to Keith Redway, microbiology at Westminster University. Redway says, "Bacteria that can be blown against the user's hand and into the atmosphere because the air is not hot enough to kill them."

Mobile phone
The phone was dirtier than toilet seat, door handles and even the soles of your home. Joanna Verran, professor of microbiology at Manchester Metropolitan University, said, "The heat produced by mobile phones to create a place to breed bacteria, which eventually could stick on your skin. The bacteria including staphylococcus aureus group, which can cause acne to ulcers, and pneumonia meningitis."

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