Titanic Sank Because One Wheel

Mystery of the Titanic Sank

Titanic hits an iceberg and sank in the inaugural voyage in 1912 due to driving errors. Louise Patten, according to the author describing the last seconds of the Titanic in his latest book. Patten, who is also the grandson of Charles Lightoller, the officer on duty on board the Titanic, said that this fact was covered for nearly 100 years for fear of staining the reputation of Lightoller.

Lightoller, in the course of his life then, a war hero. According to Patten, Lightoller not explain this fact to the British investigative team and the United States, in the hope that the Titanic did not go bankrupt owners and employees in the shipping company on the no-layoff. "This accident could have been avoided if the crew does not make a fatal mistake," Patten said in an interview with British newspaper the Daily Telegraph. "It should ship steering to the left of the iceberg so clearly visible in front. But the interpreter steering, Robert Hitchins, panicked and drove to the right," said Patten.

Sinking faster

He describes the displacement of the system to the ship sailing ship caused two steam-powered steering system. Both systems are completely different and a similar movement will make the ship into two opposite directions, based on both systems.

"If anything goes wrong, the crew had only four minutes to change the direction of the ship," said Patten. "When the ship's officers realized the error Hitchins, it was too late." Grandfather Patten was not on duty when the Titanic struck the iceberg, but the officers present at the meeting before the ship sank.

In this meeting also revealed that the director of the company that operates the ship Titanic, J. Bruce Ismay, forcing the captain to continue to sail, making the ship sink faster a few hours. Mystery of the Titanic Sank

"If only the Titanic stopped and waited for a rescue ship arrived, there may be no casualties in this incident," said Patten. RMS Titanic was recorded as the world's largest passenger ship when it left the port city of Southampton, England, to New York on April 10, 1912. In this way the Titanic hit an iceberg and sank. Together with the Titanic, sunk well over 1500 passengers.

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