Katy Perry Single degree Erotic Feast

Katy Perry Single degree Erotic Feast

Katy Perry will be married to Russell Brand, next month. Sexy singer held a bachelor party at the Hard Rock, Las Vegas. Katy invite 25 friends, including singer Rihanna. They party like crazy on the weekend at the Casino Tower. Not enough to hold a party there, they moved to a private place on the beach, HRH Beach Club.

The girls were dressed erotically. Most only bikini in the location of the party which is right on the beach. The festival was accompanied by food and drink abound. Thus dinukil Hollyscoop, Monday (09/20/2010). Before the party began, Hot & Cold singer has had a chance to write on his Twitter account, "Ready for a liver transplant now."

After a party on the beach, the beautiful girl group continue the party at the AGO. There, they enjoyed the food and beverages served, and photographs together. At the end of the show, Katy reward friends erotic-themed cakes. Katy plans to marry fiancé, Russell Brand, in October next. Unfortunately, their plan is less enjoyable because of the incident disisipi Russell is now the middle of dealing with the police after attacking paparazzi who want to take her picture and Katy.

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