Facebook Denies Making Cell Phone

Having beaten the issue will make phones, Facebook finally answer these rumors. Facebook then believed to be following in the footsteps besutan Google to create their own mobile phone, denied his company will produce a special mobile social networking. "Facebook is not manufacturing mobile phones," said a spokesman for Facebook, Jaime Schopflin. "We think integrating into the operating system and platform that has been there is a better way to enable this option," he added.

Schopflin also add that the people who worked on the project mentioned Facebook phone only people who used to work on specific projects such as workmanship Facebook application version of HTML5. "The bottom line is that every time we work on a deep integration, people want to call it a 'Facebook Mobile', but the production of mobile phones did not exist," added Schopflin as quoted from Cnet.

According to a study released by comScore, social networking activities via mobile phone exploded since last year. Of the 69.6 million phone users, 14.5 million are accessing social networking sites via mobile phones. The number is up 240 percent from the same period in 2009. Facebook apparently not the first company to try to create a phone designed specifically for social networking. In partnership with Verizon service, Microsoft also has launched a mobile media-oriented social networking. By carrying a series of Kin, the phone was finally forced to return because it did not sell.

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