Indonesia World Champion on Twitter

Indonesia World Champion on Twitter

Twitter craze Indonesian people on the internet apparently not in vain. Recent data indicates, the population of Internet users Indonesia is a country with the highest penetration of Twitter as a visitor in the world. In fact, in a matter of "warble" Indonesia beat Japan and the United States.

ComScore released a press statement mentions from 21 countries, the Indonesian population of Internet users penetration ranked first question on Twitter. The proportion of visitors Twitter from Indonesia has 20.8 percent share. The second highest proportion occupied by Brazil with 20.5 percent penetration of Twitter. Meanwhile, Venezuela ranked second with a penetration of 19 percent.

With the greatest penetration in the world was not surprising that a number of topics from Indonesia are often occupy top positions in the Trending topic on Twitter. Call it a horrendous example Peterporn world or "Keong Racun" that makes Sinta-Jojo suddenly darted into impromptu artist.

Emergence of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez who helped on Twitter Twitter Twitter make your visitors from this country rose 4.8 percent in just a few months. Subsequent penetration rankings are occupied by the Netherlands (17.7 percent), Japan (16.8 percent). Instead Americans are at number 11 with a penetration of only 11.9 percent.

According to comScore data has just been released, the number of visitors worldwide increased 109 percent in June 2010 compared to June 2009. Total visitors Twitter almost reaching 93 million Internet users in various parts of the world. They average over 15 years of age who access and Twitt on Twitter.Com using the Internet from home or office.

" experiencing an explosion of global traffic over the past year, is increasingly proving identity as a social networking site Twitter is the most visited in the five continents," said Graham Mudd, vice president of comScore.

Analysis of the five regions of Latin America showed the fastest growth, rising 305 percent to 15.4 million users. Asia Pacific is ranked second with the fastest growth, which rose 243 percent to 25.1 million visitors. Africa-Middle East jumped 142 percent to 5 million visitors, while Twitter users in Europe increased by 106 percent to 22.5 million. North America, where the population of people singing on the internet has matured it has grown just 22 percent to 25 million visitors.

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