MasjidNow, trackers Mosque in Mobile phones

MasjidNow, trackers Mosque in Mobile phones

Aplikasi Android - Welcoming the holy month of Ramadan, it's good phone users Andorid tasted this one application. MasjidNow, an application that can be utilized for tracking the nearest mosque.

MasjidNow is one of the mandatory application for the Android mobile phone users Muslims. The reason is, this application can help to remind about prayer schedules, track the location of the nearest mosque to show the direction of Qibla.

These applications have made use of existing GPS in each BTS. As a result, wherever users are, this application can show that there are mosques around the user's location. Although no doubt if there is very little existing database.

Likewise, when users want to know the direction of Qibla. This application is also using GPS to show the direction of mecca with an easy to understand interface.

Special prayers for the reminder schedule, the user can change them as needed. For example change the tone of voice made it sound adzan reminder. Prayer schedule also would be adjusted automatically based on location.

For example, when users are located in the Jakarta area, so this application will automatically detect the user's location and match schedule prayers immediately in the local area.

MasjidNow application is available in two variants. Pro Version MasjidNow dibanderol EUR 1.49 and the standard versions that can be tasted for free.

For users who want to immediately try this application can download it directly through the Android Market on each phone.

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