Marshanda dan Ben Kasyafani Resmi Tunangan

Foto Marshanda dan Ben Kasyafani Resmi Tunangan

Marshanda - Ben Kasyafani Tunangan - Marshanda love affair between the artist and her lover, Ben Kasyafani, entering a more serious round. The pair lovebirds who starred in "Sejuta Cinta" Marshanda it has engaged.

This news is known from private accounts belonging Twitter Marshanda and Ben. In Ben's account, he released the photos show her engagement to Marshanda.

The news of the engagement known Marshanda and Ben's Twitter account. In twitternya @ benkasyafani account, the guy graduated from MTV VJ Hunt was released photos show her engagement to Marshanda.

On Sunday (08/08/2010), 20-year soap opera star ngetweet been engaged to express our thanks to Ben. "Can not say how much I feel Blessed to have u, and how much I love u is unspeakable ... alhamdulillahirabilalamin ... Allah is a blessing .... smoga poster we kept Beat Him ... amin. Love u @ benkasyafani," he writes.

A pair of celebrity that's not going to get married this year. "No one (wedding). Allow checked into any building on behalf Marshanda if there are any. There is no plan until the end of this year," said manager Marshanda, Lia, who was contacted, Monday (08/09/2010).

Marshanda - Ben Kasyafani Resmi Tunangan

Although it was not going to get married in the near future, Lee asserted that artists who are familiarly called Chacha was serious in a relationship with Ben.

"Chacha if a relationship is always serious," he said. Currently, Chacha was still busy with filming the soap opera One Million Love Marshanda live on RCTI. "Busyness he still soap opera version of A Million Love Marshanda Ramadan," he added.

Previous news came Chacha-Ben engaged. The news comes from a twitter account Baim Wong's ex-boyfriend. In fact, Ben had time to upload a photo of her engagement. Chacha Twitter page was flooded with congratulations on his engagement. Marshanda - Ben Kasyafani Tunangan

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