Lady Gaga to Make History at the MTV Awards

Lady Gaga to Make History at the MTV Awards

Eccentric singer Lady Gaga at the forefront in the prestigious event nominations MTV Video Music Awards. Gaga also make history by getting 13 nominations.

Until 2010, the Gaga is the musicians get the most nominations at the MTV Video Music Awards event. Nominations are obtained chanter 'Bad Romance' is among 'Best Pop Video', 'Best Female Video' and 'Best Dance Video'. 24 years old singer was also nominated for a prestigious, the 'Video of the Year'.

"I'm flattered for all this nomonasi," Gaga said as quoted by the BBC, Thursday (08/05/2010).

While Eminem is also dijagokan at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2010 only get eight nominations. Among the eight nominations, the top rappers in the made an idol to get a trophy 'Best Female Video' and 'Video of the Year'.

Event 2010 MTV Video Music Awards will be held in Los Angeles, Sunday, September 12th, 2010 at 21:00 local time. A number of singers will fill the event, such as Alicia Keys, Jay-Z, Pink, 30 Seconds to Mars, Katy Perry and Usher.

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