Video Pembunuhan Aktivis Papua, Yawan Wayeni

Video Pembunuhan Aktivis Papua, Yawan Wayeni. Beredar di Youtube, sebuah situs tampat berbagi video gratis. Kemarin Heboh ada Video Malaikat kini muncul sebuah Video Pembunuhan seorang aktivis Papua yang bernama Yawan Wayeni. Dari informasi yang didapat Yawan Wayeni terbunuh pada 3 Agustus 2009. Video Pembunuhan itu berdurasi 7 menit 28 detik dan sepertinya diambil dengan menggunakan kamera ponsel yang dipegang oleh pria yang berlogat Indonesia bagian timur.

Police Headquarters said they would investigate this outstanding video. "That's right, or engineering?" Said Chief of Police Public Relations Division of the Inspector General Edward Aritonang, asked, when contacted by Tempo, Wednesday (04/08/2010) yesterday. "I asked him first to the Papua Police and Criminal Investigation Body," he said.

Initially, an unknown upload it revealed five images of Javan walking and when sitting without a shirt with a frayed intestine. Followed by video images showing the atmosphere of a house in the highlands is marked as Headquarters TPN / OPM (National Liberation Army / the Free Papua Organization). "Organic forces alone can not get up here," someone said in the tape.

Video-making process seems to be done after the operation. A group of uniformed police men sat down to rest. "When the road, already hungry," said a black man with jet. Shoulder strap on his backpack to cover the sign.

The cameraman then directs shots into the Javan, who lay dying. "The suspect, TPN / OPM," he said. Breathing, 40-year-old victim who was held up his right hand and exclaimed, "Papua Merdeka." Then followed by some dialogue.

At the end of the conversation, Javan said only the little people who do not know anything. "We understand you're little people. You're demanding your rights, but any way you like this," said the voice in the background. He advocated Javan voice channel via a member of the Board. "Those who manage money, eat money," he said. Employees, which were closed, only shook his head.

100 employees are members of the team which called for "Papua Merdeka" at the Presidential Palace in 1999. Since then, he was suspected as the OPM activists and officials began to be hunted. Employees were killed after police arrested during sweep operations in the Village Matembu, Serui, Papua.

Video Pembunuhan Aktivis Papua, Yawan Wayeni

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