Gay marriage legalized, Hollywood Celebrities Happy

Gay marriage legalized, Hollywood Celebrities Happy

Same-sex marriage is now finally legalized in California, United States. Some celebrities also welcomed the news with joy. They're busy-busy providing support via Twitter.

Reported by Us Weekly, Thursday (08/05/2010), Kim Kardashian socialita including artists who directly tweeting once knew has allowed gay marriage in California. "This is incredible news! It is time indeed. Congratulations everyone," so writes Kim.

Presenter Ellen DeGeneres that same-sex marriage to actress Portia de Rossi also revealed his excitement via a social networking site Twitter. "Finally, the equation right to win," he wrote.

Socialita Paris Hilton did not want to miss to participate ngetweet about the news. Although he was in Europe, the news about gay marriage in California has been allowed until well into his ear.

"This is a new history for the equality of rights in this country. It's already there should be no laws about true love," writes Paris.

In addition to these three celebrities, other artists who support many more via Twitter. They include Britney Spears, Kelly Osbourne, Pink and Ricky Martin.

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