Intel to End the Program Exclusive Chip

Intel to End the Program Exclusive Chip

Intel agreed to no longer enforce exclusive bundling in order to stop the sale of its dominance in the chip market. Thus the announcement conveyed the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) United States (U.S.) this weekend.

The analysts estimated that this decision will be little change Intel's market share. But WedBush Securities analyst Patrick Wang positive rate of this step. "Intel can minimize losses and get it over with," said Wang.

Starting from the statement of rival Intel, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and Nvidia graphics chip maker, in December 2009 the FTC later claimed Intel had illegally used its dominance in the competition in the chip market. To note, Intel is still controlled about 80 percent of the world's microprocessor market share.

Reuters, Thursday (08/05/2010), Intel finally agreed to allow the producers of complementary products such as graphics chips, has access to the central processing unit besutannya six years.

For years, Intel gets tough opposition from its rival because of its dominance in sales and pricing tactics in the realm of the chip. FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz said, Intel has set up his own compiler so that the software will run very slowly on processors made by AMD or other chip manufacturers.

With the warning from the FTC, the creators 'brains' computer is now forbidden to offer exclusive deals to computer vendors to use their chips. Intel is also required to change their copyright agreement with AMD, Nvidia and Via.

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