Nissan Elgrand vs Toyota Alphard

Nissan Elgrand vs Toyota Alphard

Nissan Elgrand vs Toyota Alphard - Beginning next year PT Nissan Motor Indonesia (NMI) will soon introduce the MPV (multi purpose vehicle) Premium All-New Nissan Elgrand into the Indonesian market. In the premium MPV market later, Nissan Elgrand will meet opponents who can not say that lightly.

Nissan opponents at the premium car segment this gambot bodied Toyota Alphard one of them is already a lot of milling about in the street. But his opponent's face, Nissan was not scared at all.

"We'll see," said Marketing Director of PT Nissan Motor Indonesia (NMI) Teddy Irawan told reporters.

Elgrand by Teddy has a number of advantages over his opponents. Because besides both carry a variety of luxury features with a spacious cabin feel, Elgrand has the advantage in the kitchen sector runway.

"We are big machines with the power which is also great, 3500 cc," he said.

Toyota Alphard actually also has a 3.5-liter engine. But Toyota Alphard 5.3 price was very expensive when compared with the price of Nissan Elgrand.

Because Nissan Elgrand membanderol plan will be for only about USD 900 millions. Whereas a 3.5-liter Alphard prices have reached USD 1.1 billion. For funds less than Rp 1 billion, Toyota has only reinforced Alphard 2.4-liter engine with a price of USD 906 million.

Moreover, the All-New Nissan Elgrand NMI marketed will begin the first quarter of 2011 this is the type of top-grade New Elgrand Highway Star Premium directly imported in the form of intact CBU (Completely Built Up) from Japan.

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  1. Toyota Alphard is a good car .It has good features .It was very expensive .But If the features are great in one i think the price not a big issue .