4 Game of Naughty Girls Shows Sexy

4 Game of Naughty Girls Shows Sexy

The gaming industry did have a good side and the side of 'dark'. Call it p*rn themed games, and even rape, which often come from Japan. Those games can indeed seem negative, especially if played by the gamer at the age (and maturity) are not appropriate.

But among the truly 'black' with the 'bright' there's always a gray area. Likewise in the world of gaming, some games the following are examples of games in a gray area that grazed the area arguably 'black'.

1. Criminal Girls
This game for the PlayStation Portable may be the closest shave the area dangerous. This game shows a scenario in hell, that puts the player as an officer who will impose penalties.

The inhabitants of the hell that is - oh, certainly to be expected from the title - the criminal girls. Gamers task is to beat (sorry) of their butts if considered naughty and if it deemed a good massage.

Fortunately, the makers of this game will implement censorship on sensitive areas in the in-game characters. So do not expect to see these areas, although the prisoners do not wear clothes.

2. Enjoy Your Massage!
From the title, this game may have attracted the attention of certain men. This game is really about massage massage, and massage is so accepting of women with minimal clothing.

But before it's too bad would have thought, this game comes to the Nintendo Wii which are known to be 'sterile' of the actions that are too vulgar. Because, after all, the Wii is a console for her family?

Enjoy Your Massage featuring various female characters who ask for a massage, ranging from rock musicians to female golfers. Dorsal views of the plain of the characters somewhat obscured by the chart area of massage that reduces the impression section (and make it more like a map of dorsal pieces of meat in supermarkets).

3. Pillow Fight
Yeah, another one from the title game that was predictable direction where his game. It features games for mobile phones in the ring boxing bout between - already know? - Two girls who bring a pillow.

I-made-Play Game was originally developed for different types of phones. Then, the game is also present on the iPhone with a Pillowfight Girls. The graph on the iPhone appear to be more subtle, but rather more polite than the mobile version.

Polite or not, the game featuring sexy girls with a body that remind people of the bedroom (pillow) clearly grazed 'danger'. Moreover, players can change their character costumes that used, for example, so the costumes 'French Maid' or 'cowgirl'.

4. Dead or Alive: Paradise
Dead or Alive series is a game that grazed biangnya for hot areas. Dead or Alive: Paradise (DOA: Paradise), who was present for the PlayStation Portable, perhaps one of the most obvious examples.

The plot of this game: players will be faced with a tropical island vacation, island residents are the girls from Dead or Alive series and they are all wearing bikinis.

There are three game modes this game: 1) mini-games such as volleyball, jump in the pool and playing cards and gambling; 2) did interact with the girls, chatting and giving such a gift in their bathing suits; 3) buy a camera and photographed the girls from various angles, and combine them in an album.

Depending on each person's opinion, gamers can choose to avoid the four headings above or just try it. Apart from four games, there are quite a lot of games with similar themes.

However, it should be noted that the gaming world does not solely consist of games with themes like that. Return to each player to choose where the right game for him.

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