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Download Film Gratis. Julia Roberts' latest film, 'Eat, Pray, Love' has set foot in New York and premieres in the city's big apple. City of New York considered important for the film adaptation of the novel's real story. Therefore, the original Elizabeth Gilbert began his journey from the city. He then stepped into Italy, India and Bali, Indonesia. Gilbert did it to heal the heart after a divorce.

Roberts attended the premiere screening in New York, Friday (19 / 9) pm. He still looks graceful and elegant, although combining semi-formal superiors with shorts. The film Pretty Woman is a unique exhibit feet long.

This movie premieres in Hollywood, Los Angeles, on August 11. Eat, Pray, Love tells the journey Gilbert (Julia Roberts) looking for new love. He instead found a spiritual peace in India, enjoying a meal in Italy, and his new found love in Bali, Indonesia.

The presence of most concern to both the fans and journalists. In addition, film director and writer Ryan Murphy is at once novel memoirs of his life, Elizabeth Gilbert, was also present at the premiere of the film.

In the movie Eat Pray Love, Elizabeth Gilbert Julia Roberts plays a woman who has everything from wealth to the brilliant career, but do not feel happy. He then decided to release all three places and wandering, namely Italy, India and Bali, Indonesia to find the expected.

Unexpectedly, even in the Island of the Gods, Bali, Elizabeth Gilbert found everything. In addition to spiritual enlightenment, Liz also finds true love, Felipe, played by Javier Bardem. In the film, beauty and exotic island of Bali is also exposed.

In addition, local residents such as Hadi Subianto role as an artist. The forecasters Ketut Liyer in the film accompanied by a senior actress Christine Hakim. For the curious to see the movie Eat Pray Love, you should be patient. Therefore, this new film will be released in theaters in October next Motherland.

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