Empire Heroes Indonesia, New Game Online 2010

Empire Heroes Indonesia, New Game Online 2010

Empire Heroes Indonesia, Indonesian latest Oline Games in 2010, Web-Based Online Game. Soon, gamers homeland communities will get new variant games online web based strategy. Namely Empire Heroes. This game can be played directly through a browser such as IE or Firefox.

Game of the web is a game publisher Empire Heroes, and will launch this game in August 2010. Through a press release sent to the editor KotGa. Explained about some of the things that have the advantages of this game Heroes Empire.

As a web based online game, the game is able to accommodate the players to select a hero according to what they want. Players can also compete with other players in the region or forming peserikatan fight to defend his territory.

In addition, Empire Heroes also has a 3D look good when compared with game-trembling with other web-based pre-existing community among gamers homeland. Meanwhile, this game has the look and the background stories that take on the medieval period, in which the Earth is still inhabited various races. Thus allowing the player to be able to choose what you want to play race.

In Empire Heroes, players can choose to use some of their race or nation. Like the Human Nation, The Elf, and Orc Nation. Where each nation has its own advantages and disadvantages of each. As a nation born in parts of the orc continent with a harsh climate. This forms the Orcs become the strongest nation physically, because they have been accustomed to survive in the midst of the harsh natural environment.

Attendance Empire Heroes to come, is expected to add color and variety of games with a web-based homeland, and can satisfy the Indonesian gamers who thirst for new things. Empire Heroes Indonesia, New Game Online 2010

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