How to Make a Terrarium : Garden Art In Glass

Video Tutorial How to Make a Terrarium : Garden Art In Glass

How to Make a Terrarium : Garden Art In Glass - As a first step, you can prepare some of the planting media and materials for decorating. Some media are required, among others (from top):

* Sand zeolite
* Soil humus
* Spagnum moss
* Charcoal
* Rocks and sand

Then prepare the equipment to be used to create a miniature garden in a terrarium. The equipment used is relatively easy to obtain and inexpensive, among others:

* For a terrarium, you can use a small aquarium fish, large glass bowls, glass boxes, glass bottles or jars
* Mini scope for cultivation or spoon
* Tweezers (Pin Set) or chopsticks
* Scissors
* Funnel made of plastic or paper funnel
* Spray the plant (sprayer)
* Kettle watering
* Woven gauze
* Brush

After all preparation is completed, it was time make a terrarium. How to create a terrarium is as follows:

* Wash the medium of glass with hot water and soapy. Rinse and dry glass media.
* Create a layer of rock or sand or other media at the bottom with a thickness of about 2-3 cm.
* Add the charcoal with a thickness of 1-2 cm.
* With a spoon or mini spade, add media such as soil humus layer 5-8 cm thick. Make a little mound to beautify. If you use akurium, you can raise the mound on one side as a backdrop.
* Dig a small hole in the layer of soil to plant roots
* Pick the right plant, then cleaned the roots of the remaining land. Cut the leaves are damaged. Place the plants in a small hole had been dug and cover roots with soil.
* If you use a glass aquarium or a bigger box, you can put some of these plants in a terrarium. Place larger plants in the rear.
* Dampen the soil, but do not over-watered. Simply wet the soil to become moist.
* You can enhance your terrarium by adding stones, miniature gardens, even small animals.
* Place your terrarium in locations that are not exposed to direct sunlight.
* Dampen the soil if it starts to look dry. For example for succulent plants, you can be watered once every five days. For other types of plants that do not require much water, you can water it once a week.

Video Tutorial How to Make a Terrarium : Garden Art In Glass

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