Natasha Hamilton affair of Prince William

Natasha Hamilton affair of Prince William

Wedding plans of Prince William with Kate Middleton this year threatened cancellation. Kate reportedly not going to continue a love affair with the heir to the throne of the British Empire because William had an affair.

Kate felt betrayed after learning William timing of his love. According to sources, very disappointed that Kate did not want to continue the relationship with William to pursue more serious. "He's heartbroken," the source said on Wednesday (21 / 7)

William's news affair with British singer Natasha Hamilton has also been known by all family and friends of Kate.

They know the affair with William see William's romance with the Natasha photograph that was published in various newspapers. Even in these photographs was also the son of Prince Charles kissed Natasha.

Kate's desire to terminate the stronger after he got an inside information that William Buckingham Palace could be like his father who has the affair.

In April, Prince William, 27 years, Kate Middleton reportedly would apply for that age a year older. Middle of this year Prince William is mentioned that his girlfriend will be applying. Both have been established in love since 2003.

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