First Life Insurance for the Elderly

First Life Insurance for the Elderly

First Life Insurance for the Elderly. "Do you have life insurance?" Th asked. Wiryawan, Chief Marketing Officer PT Asuransi Cigna told Compass Female. "In your opinion, why someone decided to have a life insurance policy? Of course because they want to protect the people they care about. To ensure that the lives of those left behind are not abandoned once you're gone," he continued.

During this time, more life insurance to those whose age was productive. This is not only to ensure the success of the program because the policyholders are in the age that are still productive and able to pay her policy for a long time. But what they have crossed the elderly? During these seniors do not have insurance programs. "Though, of course, any market at that age want to make sure that people have their loved ones financial protection as well," explained Wiryawan.

Notice any of these markets, Cigna, life insurance services company, health and personal accident products from the United States launched its Second Life Cigna Insurance (CSL). CSL is the first life insurance products in Indonesia, designed specifically for the elderly. Previously, Cigna had already launched this product in Korea, Taiwan, New Zealand, and Thailand.

"Learning from the experiences of other countries, as well as by conducting consumer research, Cigna decided to launch the product for ages 55-80 years. All who want to participate, it must be accepted, no health checks, life insurance, are protected for life. With a fixed premium and affordable , compensation for varying protection, "explained Wiryawan. "Hopefully, this product can help provide solutions for the elderly in Indonesia, to plan for the future protection of his family."

Insurance products is supported by a pair Rima Melati (71) and Frans Tumbuan (71) as dutanya who said, "In our current age, we remain productive and continue to contribute to the family.'ll Even today, my youngest child has aged 35 years and has been well established, and Frans I still want to get involved and contribute actively in their lives. At least we both have never wanted to burden them in as we live or later."

To our policyholders, will receive:
- Protection for life.
- Guarantee 100 percent of the premium back.
- Premiums remain, with a choice of compensation: a. USD 50 million, b. USD 100 million, c. USD 75 million, d. USD 150 million.
- Facilities tele-medical consultation.
- Ease of filing a claim.

There are also provisions of the proposed CSL:
- Where have died from accidents in the first two years of membership, CSL will pay for compensation in accordance with the choice. However, could die because of illness in the first two years, CSL will only ever pay the total premium paid.

- When you die of any cause after two years, the benefit is provided, whichever is higher, Sum compensation or total premium.

More information: (021) 5299 6000 or Sumber: Kompas Female.
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