Transformation for the Body Six Pack

Transformation for the Body Six Pack

Transformation for the Body Six Pack - Tips How to Form a Six Pack Stomach - Without discipline in running a healthy lifestyle, the sport and have a good diet, it is unlikely someone could get the ideal body shape, let alone berbuku six (six packs) in the abdomen.

"Therefore, a man must do the transformation in her life if she wanted her six packs. That's why we picked up the theme of transformation of the selection of L-Men of the Year 2010," said Christian Widi Nugraha, Brand Manager of L-Men.

He added that the transformation can be interpreted as a change in life for the better, especially for a healthier life. "Behind the form of L-Men male body ideal, there are habits that must be changed," he explained in a press conference selection event L-Men of The Year 2010 in Jakarta (07/15/2010).

This year, the pageant was a good selection of entities have entered the seventh year. A total of 12 finalists chosen from 14 cities will compete for the title of L-Men in 2010 which will be held on Sunday (18/07/2010) in Jakarta.

Besides getting the muscle-forming product advertising contract, the winner of this contest will also be sent to the scene selection to represent Indonesia Man Hunt and Mr. International, a sort of competition "Miss Universe", but for men.

"We hope the transformation undertaken by the winner could be an inspiration for many people to also make healthy lifestyle changes," concluded Widi.

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  1. Ga suka ah cowo yang perutnya six pack gt
    Atau bentuk bodynya kbnnyakan dibentuk krn fitness gt..

    Suka yang biasa aja
    Kaya yg punya blog ini
    Mau... Mau banget malahan
    Krn selain pinter aku juga sayang

    Mungkin aku bukan pacar yang baik
    Buruk bgt malahan.
    Sampe lupa ultah pacar sendiri
    Hanya karena emosi, marah dan cemburu
    Maaf ya!

    Aku sayang Dat
    Sayang banget..