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Azza Rhoma Irama - After a long absence from the stage Homeland recording industry, the king of dangdut Rhoma Irama (63) back to the permissibility of performance. Through the album, "Azza", Rhoma try to offer a return of a musical evolution. For real father was a singer of dangdut Rhoma Ridho, evolution does is for the first time in his career as a dangdut singer. "This is a new song that I like that arrangement. During my career was the first time," Rhoma review.

Meanwhile, in the equal opportunity to try to peel Rhoma singles champion, who also called Azza. "Azza was an abbreviation of" Azzawajallah ", is the name of God that is not included in asma'ul Husna, but it means noble," Rhoma peeled.

In order for the message song "Azza" feels more middle east, video clip, directed by Azza Anggi was deliberately cultivated in Egypt. "We know that Egypt is very historical. It is Indonesia the country is big and beautiful, but in Indonesia there is no Spinx, the Pyramids and the Pharaohs," explained Rhoma.

Furthermore, Rhoma who deliberately released his new album before it enters the month of Ramadan, in addition to sponsor 'Azza' to be religious, there is also another new song 'Gala-Gala', and eight songs long, among others, 'Kehilangan', 'Keramat', 'Rana Duka', 'Tabir', 'Kepalsuan', 'Sebujur Bangkai', '1001 Macam', 'Patah Hati', and 'Kata Pujangga'.

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