Artist Profile, Luna Maya

Artist Profile, Luna Maya

Denpasar-born girl 26 years ago was to start a career in the catwalk models. Moved from his homeland, Denpasar, Luna began to explore the role of art with its first character as Barbara in the movie 30 Days Looking for Love (2004).

Although only a small role, the character he Play is considered a success. Remove a year, he's getting crazy to appear on the big screen although still fill small roles in films directed by Hanung Bramantyo besutan, Brownies (2005). New main role as Mina, he gained while starring in Ward 13 (2005).

Name Luna increasingly moncer by acting in the movie Cinta Silver with Rima Melati and Catherine Wilson. When Luna's role in this film began vocalists rumored to have a relationship with Peter, Ariel.

During her career, Luna has starred in a number of other films, such as Space, Jakarta Undercover, 30 Day Finding Love, Message From Heaven, In the Name of Love. His role in the film itself was nominated Space led the Indonesian Film Festival Best Actress category in 2006 ago.

In addition to movies, coed Paramadina University also starred in several soap operas, among others, Dan, You and Me, It's Love, Secret, Anggun, Light of Heaven, Sujudku, Yasmin, Devi who appear on TV and Astro Subscription End of Love.

Luna Maya ad starred a number of products, with one of the most prominent as the Star Lux 2006 models. Later, his name increasingly flying as a presenter who hosted a music on one private television station.

Finally, Luna tried singing ability in the world. Luna collaborated with several singers like Sandra Dewi and Sandra Dewi, who is also a vocalist Dide Green Leaf. They sang songs Voice (My hope) belonging to Green Leaf is arranged in the re-dangdut version of the soundtrack of the movie Widow Fireworks. Fasting month ago, he also issued a single Toward heaven.

Luna was not satisfied with all the professions that he clothing. After becoming a player movies / soap operas and singers, presenters, Luna and tried ability in the world of directing. He began his film directing debut with a short film titled Sacred and the City.

As selebrities, in 2008, Luna was appointed in 2008 to bring the Olympic flame around the Istora Senayan as part of a ceremonial trip to the Beijing Olympic flame.

Besides entertainment, the Maya began to explore the business as a stock when no longer exists as an artist. Barber shop business he founded in Kemang Jakarta in 2007 and then followed the fashion with the title of the LM Hardware in Bandung in 2008.

Although only 26 years old, virgin Denpasar origin was mentioned as one of the richest celebrities in the homeland and the most famous moment.

Artist Profile, Luna Maya

Name: Luna Maya
Date of birth: August 26, 1983
Relationship: Single
Zodiac: Virgo
Born in: Denpasar
Debut:  Film '30 Days Looking for Love '(2004)


After Ariel officially divorced with Sarah Amelia, May 27 2008, Luna returned a relationship with her former lover's. Both have had time to circulate news of husband-wife bond launched April 2009 and then, but Luna was firmly denied.

Artists who never dicatut as an actor in this internet porn movie again with Ariel reportedly vacationing in Europe off Lebaran 2009 to make pre wedding photographs. But the news was later denied by Ariel. Due to the news that came out from his friend, Syahrini, Luna reportedly inflamed and friendship they had time to heat up. But two news was later denied by Ariel.

Controversy Twitter

Luna the latest news at the end of the year in 2009 to embellish and decorate the world of entertainment media and making it one of the most popular artists during the last year. Posting status on his Twitter account is considered insulting infotainment media. According to the newspaper, Luna was angry because the daughter Ariel, Alleia Anata, hit the camera when reporters wanted to interview him.

In twitternya account, Luna called infotainment inferior to prostitutes and murderers. That infuriated the crew of infotainment. They reported to the Polda Metro Jaya Luna. Various coloring post comments Luna, there is support and there are regrets his actions. After a while, Luna apologized in my account and delete postings at Twitternya such contumely.

Despite the insistence infotainment, Luna still do not want to apologize publicly. Luna remain relaxed against the case. Luna became crowded cases discussed and raises the pros and cons.

This case makes questionable presence of infotainment. This case is even dragging NU issued a statement infotainment unlawful. It's got different responses from artists homeland. Average of the artists did not agree when infotainment forbidden and removed. The artist asked for infotainment continue running and only the contents are addressed.

After the incident in a twitter account, his name skyrocketed and becoming the most popular lamannya create an account. In a short time, Luna Maya has more than one hundred thousand follower on Twitter.

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