Artist Profile, Cut Tari

Artist Profile, Cut Tari

Supporting role played by the owner's full name Cut Tari Aminah Anasya in soap operas World Side-Side, made his name began to blaze in the world of Indonesian entertainment. His character in some soap operas and spicy but interesting comment in mempresenteri an infotainment show to make a name widely known Dance Cut.

The actress was born in Jakarta, 1 November 1977 to follow a lot of skills training since young. He had studied piano and organ, but not forwarded. Instead, she honed her talents in the field of modeling. Indeed, since childhood, the third child of four children are very fond of preening in front of the camera with various poses.

Entering the age of 13 years, women who often are more often addressed Ully photographed and participated in various electoral arena teen model. Gates open in his career when the girls came in as the bloody Aceh Cover Girl winner 1991. From there, for several years, Lilly appeared in various magazines as a teen model. The first ad bid Ully while perched on the age of 16 years. Lilly was selected as the star in a teenage beauty products, Youth.

Artist Profile, Cut Tari

Name: Cut Tari Date
Born: November 1, 1977
Relationship: Married
Zodiac: Scorpio
Born in: Jakarta
Debut: Cover Girl Winner 1991

Plunged into drama

Lilly got his first role in the art world when the role of Harry De Fretes agreed invitation to appear as guest stars in the sky tale comedy. Lilly is a soap opera role hereinafter sides of the World (1993). Here, Lilly has a role as a maid. Through this drama, a beautiful face Ully known to the public.

Dancing on the career list is quite a lot of soap operas. Soap opera starring a graduate of Stamford College in Jakarta include Travel, Jasmine, My prayers hope, Cafe Blue, Lady Luck, flattered and Rosalinda. Most of his role as antagonist and has a grumpy character. Dance admitted he sometimes felt saturated with the antagonist role, often dominating and showing someone that is fierce. Even so, remain Dance melakoni antagonist role and character of such evil characters in soap operas he Wailing Children Play Stepfather, So What Gitu Loh, Roda-Roda Cinta, and flattered 6. Dance also plays a role in several soap operas such religious Hidayah. Besides a role in a soap opera and become a presenter, Dance is often present as a guest star in various events.

Cut Tari remains an icon of beauty in his adult life. An adult female cosmetic products, wear it as a star PIXY ad. Dance also be advertising stars air conditioning products.

After marriage, do not dance too much to spend time soap opera. As a wife and mother, Lilly claimed to really enjoy the time with family and raising wayang only daughter. But that does not mean he did not appear at all. Occasionally, the dance still appeared as guest or host in a variety of events.

After marriage, Dance claimed more selectively choose the type of job he has received. Dance presence in the entertainment world is marked by a role as a presenter of a show titled infotainment Insert the private television station Trans TV.

Comments are sharp and sexy clothes which she often used when shooting made his name back to fame after a chance to fade. His comments that reason, take the predicate as a presenter at the event conferment Infotainment Panasonic Awards 2009 fall into his hands.


Cut Tari establish romance with John Joseph, Subrata. Both were then married in 2004. From his marriage, blessed with a child Dance putrid named Sidney born by Caesarean Azkassyah Joseph in a hospital in Jakarta on October 10, 2007.

After getting married, having children and returning presenters incised achievements in the world does not necessarily make a stop and forget the world of dance acting. Dance back to the television screen and later starred in several soap operas such as the title of the Rainbow, Love Diamond, Love, Flowers and most Anyar is Hafizah which was released in 2009.

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