Artist Profile, Nia Ramadhani

Artist Profile, Nia Ramadhani

The girl was born in Jakarta, 16 April 1990 it began doing business in the world of acting since the age of 15 years. The owner of the original name of Nur Ramadhani Priyanti began tasting the acting world, starring in soap operas with Siti Nurbaya, thanks to the persistence of the mother who put her name in a corporate soap opera production house.

Nia his star began to shine when playing in a teenage soap opera serial Bawang Putih Bawang Merah. In this soap opera, Nia clashing acting with veteran actor Dwi Yan, Lydia Kandou, Lilly Artha, NAA Khairina, Dimaz Andrean and Revalina S Temat. Although claims have no experience of acting and feeling groggy, many praised the character Nia.

A total of 108 episodes of soap operas has been broadcast on RCTI television station in 2004-2005. Red Onion and Garlic reached predicate Best Drama Series Award at the Panasonic event in 2005.

Serial Red Onion and Garlic is also famous to the neighbor country, Malaysia. In addition due Ferdi young actor who is Malaysian, Red Onion and Garlic is also broadcast through one of Malaysian television station, TV3 in 2006-2007.

Bids had to play another teen soap opera soon to flow to him. Nia plays a role in teen soap operas such as Alisha, Adinda Story, Hate it Love, Soleha, Hey Beautiful, Candy, Bembi, and Diva.

Not only until the soap operas, Nia spread its wings into the world stage the big screen. The first role she got there in the horror film genre, Sister NGESOT. In this film, Nia have jumped into a kiss with Canadian model Mike Lewis. Word got out, due to scenes in this movie Nia relationship with Bams Samsons crack.

But he did not give up continue to play a role in a horror movie. Nia claim challenged melakoni broad character. In the next film, Ghost Bridge Ancol, Nia appeared wearing a bikini. His appearance in the film has sparked protests from many walks of life.

The next film he was starring horror genre. In the film possessed, Nia pairing with Andhika Pratama, Shareefa Daanish. Toward the premiere trance, Nia photographs were bikinis with a few men in the pool is widespread on the internet. Nia respond to cold and thinks it's perfectly natural pose.

Artist Profile, Nia Ramadhani

Love story

When dating the R & B singer, Ressa Herlambang, the couple's teenage romance didapuk as icons. The reason, they are both of the figure of a young man who was shining in their career and always the center of attention. But their relationship did not last long. Disconnect with Ressa, Nia fell in love and dating with Hill or Reguna Bambang Bams, Samsons band. Human relations are also stranded in a short time.

Then word got close to the second son of Nia President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Edy Baskoro. At other times, Nia's nephew reportedly close to the South Sulawesi governor Syahrul Yasin Limpo, Adnan Yasin Limpo Puritcha Ichfan. But Nia never openly give an explanation.

End the relationship with Bams, actress Alisa antagonists in this vacuum of dating and choosing to concentrate to his career. Romance again erupted in mid-October 2008. In an event, Nia appeared arm in arm with Ardie intimate, familiar calls Anindra Ardiansyah Bakrie, Bakrie's son.

They've reportedly got engaged in mid-2009, but Nia has denied and said it still wanted a career in the entertainment world. The relationship is two people getting sticky. Proven on October 17, 2009, Ardie applying for Nia and planning the wedding will take place 1 April this year.

Facing her marriage, her escape from the acting and filming activities. Together with her future husband, Nia is now preparing a new business.

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