3 Contagious Spiritual Disease

3 Contagious Spiritual Disease

Commonly known infectious disease is an infection caused by viruses, bacteria or other microorganisms. But there are also unwitting spiritual disease that can be transmitted to one another. Here's three spiritual disease that can be contagious.

As quoted from the HuffingtonPost, Sunday (6/20/2010) there is disease
that can be recognized as a contagious spiritual disease that is common, namely:

Imitation Spiritual
This condition is the tendency to talk, dress and berindak as one might imagine that on a spiritual person. So people with this condition are just trying to follow someone else.

Because spiritual experiences
In this disease, the individual ego is identified by the spiritual experiences they experienced. This condition can sometimes influence the thinking of others. In most cases this condition will not last forever, but sometimes lasts in the long term.

Ego Spiritual
This disease occurs when a person's personality structure and ego become so ingrained with a deep spiritual concepts. When the ego becomes spiritual, a person becomes unable to understand and all this in the name of spirituality.

Contagious spiritual disease is derived from one's ego and is a condition that deceives himself. Since most of these conditions do not come from him but because of the influence of the people or the environment around them.

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