Best Forum In The World

World's Best Forum - site forum is now became a byword in Indonesia, and it may be associated with success kaskus forum, one of the biggest sites that currently exist in Indonesia and perhaps also one of the biggest and best forum in the world.

Attendance 2.0 site that enables its users with intraksi among other users, also with the managers of the site itself, making site popularity 2.0 has been alternative media, the most widely used today in internet media. Forums are usually put forward the concept of the site is very successful 2.0 enticing Internet users in Indonesia, and it is proven with more and berjayanya kaskus site which became the best forum site on the World.

Although kaskus become one of the largest forum in the world, but from the site survey, there are some other forums that has been hailed as the best forum, and the list of the survey there was no mention kaskus forum, although the data from Alexa rank, all the forums that exist within the survey, all lower than kaskus alexa rank.

Here is a list of the best forums in the world of version, where you can also see more site-related, ie

1. (Anime roleplaying community)

2. (Japanese culture message board)

3. (Diablo 2 video game forums)

4. (General video gaming message boards)

5. (Picture rating, sex and relationships forums)

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  1. I just have a question. I tried to register in a forum and was able to supply all the details needed. Says I'd be receiving an email right after, It's been days and mo email yet.