Sony versus Sony

Alluding careful Famous Brand (Sony vs Sony) - Awareness of enforcement intelelektual property rights (IPR) in Indonesia is still minimal. This condition often complain of too many quarters, particularly the industry players.

Do not believe it? Look at the status in the eyes of Indonesia United State Trade Representative (USTR). That still fell in the black list of Priority Watch List. That is, awareness of IPR in the country is still low.

Any offense committed various kinds, ranging from the intentional or unintentional. Deliberate intention here is, actors in violation of copyright, trademark or other elements based on the profit with the famous brand mendompleng.

Sony versus SonyThis never happened in the case of PT Performance with Intel Corp. a few years ago. At that time, PT Stage demands of IT giants are due to produce a television branded 'Intel'.

Of course it makes a twin whose name embarrassed Intel's global overdo. So that stern measures to bring him to any legal action is considered worth doing.

As for unintended incidents that we can see from the cases involving bloggers tergress Indonesia, Sony Arianto Kurniawan. Because a site with frills name 'Sony',, IT practitioners must be resigned to accept SOMASI Sony Corp.

Sony AK denying any malicious intent to use the domain name is taken from the initials of his name is. But what power, the Japanese electronics giant see this a violation.

The threat had been dropped and must be answered. If no response 'satisfactory' is expected Sony Corp.., Sony AK seems to get ready for being dragged into the green table.

Legal practitioners, Donny A. Sheyoputra said the case "Sony vs. Sony 'This is a good example of seeing how so important an icon, a brand or trademark to a global company. So if there are others who take it without permission, though it was not accidental in nature and common names are also just a graze but are considered so crucial for these large companies.

"Something that we do not understand is a matter of free trade. Fuss over the brand rights, copyright is a consequence of free trade," he said.

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  1. Bunga turut prihatin untuk sobat Sony AK, semoga Sony Japan mampu membedakan mana yang melanggar dan mana yang memberi pengetahuan.

  2. Waduh... Ndak ngerti aku Mo... Ndak ada yang versi Indonesianya kah?

  3. waduh kalau yang ini aku gak beranni komen dah...

  4. mungkin harus di liahat lagi kali ya sebab akibat nya knp mereka sampai menggugat...tapi bagaimana pun semoga jalan terbaiknya buat semua..

  5. let's monitor and hopefully soni-ak regardless of legal entanglement B-)