Playstation 3 Wii-style controller Present

Motion control for the console Sony PlayStation has been presented, namely the PlayStation Move. This device allows gamers to play games by moving the hands and body active, very similar to playing Nintendo Wii.

"Nintendo did a good job to introduce the motion controller. Now we think of migration from the Wii to the PS3 is a natural thing," said the PlayStation Network's Senior Vice President, Peter Dille.

Wii's motion controls slapped with exciting, but often criticized for ordinary graphics. Meanwhile, the PS3 graphics quality is more superior.

Playstation 3 Wii-style controller PresentMove PlayStation own form looked comfortable in the hand, with a glowing ball on the controller. This ball contains the technology to read the movement of players.

Sony will market this mid Move for less than U.S. $ 100. Sales package includes a camera controller and the PS3 will be predicated to track the movement of gamers.

Sony says 36 third-party developers plan to make software in Move platform, including Electronic Arts, SEGA and Warner Bros.

Besides Sony, Microsoft is also developing a Christmas Project for the Xbox, which fully utilize the gestures to be controlling the game.

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