History Blurred, Game Nusantara Online Late Launching

Nusantara Online (NusOl) is echoed long enough, after the time scheduled for release some time ago this game was forced to experience delays due to several obstacles, one of which is cross-blured history in Indonesia.

This was revealed that developers are finding some new things in the research done by them, "When we do research, there are several facts that were different than what we had learned," said Fahmi Chaerul, Creative Director, Head of Data & Research Nusantara Online.

History Blurred, Game Nusantara Online Late Laounching

Despite finding many new things in the history of Indonesia, Telegraph Studio admitted still need a few experts who understand the history of Indonesia, especially those who can read the inscription.

"In Indonesia, people who can read the inscription was only 2 people only, and we still continue to consult so that there are no errors when doing modeling pictures," Fahmi added at the headquarters of the Telegraph Studio, Friday (12/3/2010).

Their efforts to make the game look 'real' archipelago also make this game release schedule through resignation beberpa times, "We did have time to do revision for some modeling that ultimately makes this game too late to attend. But now the whole modeling has improved and lived to finish it , "said Fahmi.

Source: detikinet

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  4. ternyata Indonesia bisa buat juga yah game online