Kebaya Fashion Titi Kamal

Model Baju Kebaya Titi KamalKebaya Fashion Titi Kamal, really did fit the search for you insirasi to Kebaya Modern Bride. Wife is Christian Sugiono banget emang often wear traditional clothing designer works from Semarang, Avantie. Hahaha let's see Titi Kamal Collection photo below wearing Kebaya.
If it suits Tian entrusted to Amin Brutus, Titi predictable've certainly going to appear in Roemah Bride Anne Avantie if necessary this Javanese traditional clothes. For fashion shoots including pre-wedding photos, wedding sebelom held in Perth, Australia, February 6, 2009 and, following. Foto Pre Wedding Titi Kamal on Kebaya :
Foto Pre Wedding Titi Kamal on Kebaya In the wedding party and the Christian Titi Kamal Sugiono own color combination became purple and gold decor themes including traditional dress pierced. This wedding itself was held on Sunday, May 31, 2009 at the Assembly Hall, Jakarta Convention Center (JCC).

Titi Kamal Kebaya Pengantin :Titi Kamal Kebaya PengantinJavanese dress fittings event is not to prepare to get married again, but to shoot as a model in Roemah calendar Bride Anne Avantie, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta. Recognized chanter this Boss song, design a suitable've labored with Anne.

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