Krisdayanti and Raul Lemos Fiance in Meumere?

Krisdayanti dan Raul Lemos Tunangan di Meumere

Gossip Krisdayanti and Raul Lemos Meumere Fiance in widely circulated in the entertainment world.

From the rumors that circulated, KD and Rahul's arrival in the City Lemos Maumere, Sikka District, is to visit family in the village Raul Nita. Shh, all hold the engagement?

This hot gossip circulating itself in the media Pos Kupang (February 28) and television Insert Investigation (March 6) that the topic of questions, KD and Raul Fiance

On Friday, February 26, 2010 and, Kiyani and businessmen are reported 4 children flew into town Maumere, Sikka District.

The arrival of the couple who reportedly bought a house 2.1 billion itself to visit the family business, named Baba woven in the village of Nita.

Kd and Rahul Lemos up in Maumere use Merpati Air Lines plane on Friday afternoon at around 16.00 Wita. From Wai Oti Airport Maumere, both in the pick Baba wicker and went straight to the village where the family of Silvalay Noor's husband was settled Athalia, Nita village, about about 10 km south of Maumere.

After assembly and visited the residence in the Village Nita wicker, former wife of Sam this Hermansyah then headed back to the City of Maumere to stay at the Hotel Sylvia. This hotel is in, the news of the arrival of both supply and smelled by the media.

Until finally, started since the morning, Saturday, February 27, 2010, the hotel is visited by hunters Meumere news and fans who filled the hotel lobby. Unfortunately, just looking for the hotel through the back door to exit.

Krisdayanti and Raul Lemos Fiance in Meumere

Sylvia Hotel officials themselves confirmed the presence of Maumere KD in Maumere. However, they did not know existed because he had checked out from the hotel.

However, from a source Pos Kupang, mentioned this DI3VA members stayed in room number 224. Later had dinner at Sylvia Hotel third floor. But, again, Sylvia Hotel management still did not know.

Based on the information obtained Pos Kupang, the presence of the widow 2 children is to meet with Ayang, brother Raul who opened the business in the Village Nita.

Santer heard rumors, that they also deliver wedding plans and Raul Lemos KD in Portugal.

Photos - photos that perpetuated by Lily, Ety and Wento itself was widely circulated in cyberspace.

Even the engagement rumors and Rahul KD Meumere Lemos in any direct conversation so many parties, which unfortunately belom got confirmation from the relevant partner.

We wait aja dee clarification directly from them about the news and photo Krisdayanti and Raul Lemos in Meumere.

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