Foto Adegan Hot Film Terekam, Video dan Sinopsis

Foto Adegan Hot Film Terekam dan Sinopsis

Hot Movie scene photographs recorded and Synopsis, Cast List and Video Trailer Te [record] Movie going to be the latest news this time.

Jupe factors recorded clearly so the main attraction of horror movies this time Indonesia, eittss, but the name of the sexy Monique Olga Lydia and Henry do not miss, too.

Film Indonesia Terbaru 2010 Nayato Fio Nuala or Koya Pagayo, Ian Jacobs, Joey and Ciska Utari Doppert (another name Nayato) is the spectacle of cinema this one.

Wide-screen impressions given today's horror genre produced by Lucki Lukman Hakim under Batavia Pictures production house.

By holding the player models and movie ghost specialist, Olga Lidya, Julia Peres and Monique Henry, Nayato groundbreaking cinema again with the work of sensational.

Olga, model and host was born in Jakarta, December 4, 1976 was never played in the title 12 AM (2005).

Jupe, controversial women who've popped in the title Beranak In Bury (2007), The Shaman (2008), Ghost Herbal Wear (2009), I swear, (It) Pocong! (2009), Rooms Kuntilanak Bodies (2009), and the screams Kuntilanak (2009).

Was Monik, doves, who was born in Jakarta, 27 April 1987 the title has appeared in Ghost (2007), 40 Day Pocong Rise (2008), Hantu Jeruk Purut Virgin (2008), Kuntilanak Beranak (2009), and Pocong Jalan Blora (2009).

Resensi Film Te[rekam] :

Olga Lydia, a former 33-year-old model is no intention fad to make horror film genre. He then asked for help and also Monique Jupe, a movie player and soap operas.

Initially, they went to an empty house in the area Gadog, Bogor Olga's friend named Siska, to just sebelom survey was really making films.

But, suddenly the idea occurred to record all the activities there. Hence, Olga immediately put the camera almost every room house just in case documentation purposes Behind The Scene movie.

While living there, strange occurrences appear several times. But, all three cuman considered as mere paranoid feelings.

Without them knowing it, the camera was mounted in almost all rooms, win supernatural creature sightings scary.

Until finally, the third of this young woman decided to make conscious and go from there, which unfortunately prevented the inhabitants of the house.

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