iPhone 5 Already Gliding October 2011

iPhone 5 Already Gliding October 2011? Heard from, the iPhone 5 will be launched in October 2011. Because the iPhone 5 has been in production by the makers of the iPhone in China is Faxcom and Pegatron. According to the leaked report, the signal is likely to launch in October. Macotakara a Japanese website reported that Foxconn, which meets 85 percent of orders, and Pegatron, which take 15 percent of the rest, has menstok iPhone unit 5 - but still without IOS 5, because Apple will install it, along with the final packaging prior to shipping. However the iPhone 5 fixed with Touch Screen models, according to its elegant and elite.

Apple's iPhone has yet to confirm the report officially this 5, but claims the site is in line with rumors Macotakara other. In fact, Deutsche Telekom has started taking pre-orders in anticipation of the release in the fall, while Best Buy is getting ready to launch in October, according to leaked documents.

iPhone 5 Already Gliding October 2011

Macotakara also said the manufacturing schedule for U.S. launch in early October 2011, while Asia should get the next month. In March 2011, reports emerged that the iPhone has five starts production, but production problems delayed the release schedule of the regular season. Last month, another source indicates the iPhone device 5 is in production, with Apple placing an order unit of as many as 15 million units.

When Apple released the iPhone 5 in October, five new iPhone will enter the fall competitive, because there is a fine product releases such as Galaxy S2 from Samsung and Motorola Bionic Droid. But until Foxconn or Pegatron confirm that they are producing handsets iPhone 5 officially, all the reports continued to be still a rumor and speculation.

5 The iPhone is rumored to run on both CDMA and GSM networks, so that Apple could sell the same version on more operators. It is also expected to offer a larger touch screen, an 8-megapixel camera and features a Qualcomm chip with capabilities that support NFC mobile payment. iPhone 5 Already Gliding October 2011

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