Six Plants, Powerful Mosquito Repellent

Mosquito attacks against residents of the house both by day and night must be very annoying. Various efforts have been made ​​to use insect repellent spray or grilled at high risk for chemical content.

What if using a natural effort that is by planting plants that contain chemical powerful enough drive away mosquitoes?

There are many plants that hated by mosquitoes. Of this plant there is a fairly planted alone or exploited by taking interest. Here the plants potent mosquito repellent:

Six Plants, Powerful Mosquito Repellent

1. Geranium
These plants contain geraniol and sitronelol that can repel mosquitoes. Both substances owned Geranium can easily fly in the air. Geranium Planting only in pots or directly in soil. Place in areas susceptible to wind, while the leaves of Geranium bergesakan, aroma substance in this plant will smell, making the mosquitoes away from the room.

2. Zodia
This plant is native from Indonesia came from Papua, where the people of Papua will rub these leaves before entering the forest to protect them from insects, especially nyanuk. Zodia has two substances that can make the mosquitoes away, namely Evodiamine and Rutaecarpine. To feel the benefits, visa Zodia grown in a lot of room for the aroma wafted in the wind and repel mosquitoes.

3. Citronella
Serai familiarly known as one of the herbs, but she has a substance geraniol and citronellal unwelcome mosquitoes. Planting citronella pretty easy, just place it in the yard alone.

4. Fragrant Root
These plants may issue an unwelcome aroma mosquito Aedes aegypti. Planting vetiver de yard of the house to feel the benefits.

5. Lavender
This plant is originally from Switzerland, and has been used as material for anti-mosquito lotion. Lavender purple flowers that have substance and Lynalyl linalool acetate unwelcome mosquitoes. Lavender Planted in pots or ground, to find it useful to take the flowers and rub into skin.

6. Rosemary
Rosemary flowers produce scent smells like eucalyptus oil. The aroma is not liked by mosquitoes for messing smell. These plants can be planted into a pot or soil. Near the window. For utilization, take the needle-shaped leaves and rubbed into the skin.

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