4 Steps to Make Garden Preparation

4 Steps to Make Garden Preparation ~ You want a beautiful garden but constrained budget to hire a gardener? How about trying to make their own garden? There are four steps you can prepare to make a garden.

Preparation of the first is like a garden. If indeed glad to have a touch of green in the residential, then the intention to make the park will be realized. You can find references from magazines or other sources. For park trend is in tune like a minimalist garden, tropical garden, and the dry garden. After that, the garden design you want you should adjust to the budget you have.

Preparation of a second, just select the type of plant. You must understand there are three categories of plants that are closely related to water requirements. The first category, plants are resistant to sunlight. Plants for this category of species such as bananas and grass.

The second category ie 20-30 percent of plants that require sunlight. Types of plants such as flowering plants. Then the third category is plants in space or indoor plant. This type of plant requires only very little light, if too many plants will be smaller leaves and discolored. Examples of these types of plants such as Dracena, Sansievera, and Chrysanthemum.

4 Steps to Make Garden Preparation

Preparation of the third is land preparation. This preparation is very important because without proper preparation and good, then plant in the park will not be durable. New park will look good results after three months of planting, as it will adapt first. For land preparation is done by menggemburkan soil with simple tools such as hoes.

with the loose right, it would appear that the soil pores is useful to launch the course of plant roots into the soil in search of food. After digemburkan, to nourish the soil sprinkled with manure, planted new. As catatann, when planting not to remove from plastic packaging plant roots. If the plastic as a medium for this burst, the plant could be surprised.

Preparation of the fourth, which is anticipated subterranean termites. Besides damaging the wood furniture in the house, termites often damage the soil and attack plants. As anticipated, give organic pesticides in soil. Termites or insects like ants and millipedes are not going to feel at home with the smell caused by these pesticides.

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