Green Card Lottery Video

Green Card Lottery Video, The United States Association of Immigrants at provides FREE information to enter the Green Card (Diversity Visa) Lottery for DV-2011. We show applicants how to correctly self-enter on-line or select an ethical lottery service to help you prepare your registration which now runs from October 2, 2009 to November 30, 2009. J. Stephen Wilson, co-author of the annual booklet “Win the Green Card Lottery!” explains how to avoid numerous pitfalls throughout the application process that can prevent you or a family member from obtaining a visa.

And if you win, we show you how to pass your visa interview. Now in it's sixth edition, we provide the most comprehensive, current, and easy-to-read explanation of the diversity visa lottery available. This 2009 edition is available on paperback at and for download at MyUSAi is a social networking site where immigrants and those interested in immigration can get together to form groups, download FREE immigration and visa forms, reports, and news on “New to America” and immigration topics. We also have a discussion forum where you can comment on your lottery service provider.

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