How to Read Palms

How to Read Palms. You know it is Palmistry? Well Palmistry is one method that has particular reference to read the fate line on hand. At that time I played idly reading the palms of the hands and trying to find a way in the search engine "how to read palms line" but that's just for fun anyway, if I believe means that increases one pillars of my faith, hehe. This is all just to add insight aja kok, the method of reading palms line is also different. this time I only present two medode only. General method and the method name of the planet. Here is the method.

How to Read Palms Public Methods

How to Read Palms Public Methods

1. Line Corset
Dotted, too sensitive.
The line is clear, too emotional, in doing something to something that is stimulating and varied
No line, quiet personality.
Short, empathize with the feelings of others
Cut the fate line and the line of the sun, has a special talent
Mercury ends on the hill, Having a great power but tends to over-
Tracing hand side, are cowards.

2. Milky Way
Curved, Hating himself
Straight, No loyal and less like stability
Straight and long, Smart argued with dubious morality
Curved and originated in the hill of Venus, excessive response to things and can become extreme.
Branch lines were crossed with the sun line, the financial losses as a result of a relationship (eg, an expensive divorce settlement) if the line was crossed. Gifted become a rich man if the lines are not crossed it.

3. Bracelet
More than 1 line and the clear, life is a healthy, prosperous, long life and peace.
The top curved into the palm of the hand, can have difficulty when giving birth.
The line from the top of the hill toward Mercury, sudden wealth.
The line from the top of the hill toward Jupiter, was a long and profitable.

4. Health Line
Dotted, less Stamina
No line, a strong physical condition and healthy
Very obviously, lower body endurance
Wavy, Digestive Problems
Touching the line of life, Dangerous, need extra care at the time.

5. Life Line Dakhil / Mars
Clearly, having a high resistance when attacked by disease or disaster.

6. Marriage Lines
Blurred, indicating that the relationship has not so familiar.
Obviously, an intimate relationship. The number of lines considered to indicate the number of relationships.
Disconnected, Divorce or separation
Long and straight, long and happy relationship
But connect the broken line, Assemble back after separation.
Two Lines, Relationships with two people at the same time, the relative depth of this relationship is indicated by the strong lines.
Clear curved upward, not married.
Upward curved line intersects with the sun, unhappy marriage. If not intersect, can marry someone famous or rich.
Curved downward, longer than the old pair
Terminated branch form, Divorce or separation
Cut bodice, an unhappy marriage
Starting form a branch, delay or frustration at the beginning of the relationship.

7. Child Line
The number of lines considered to indicate the number of children; lines more clearly shows the boys while the weaker girls.

How to Read Palms Planet Names Method

How to Read Palms Planet Names Method

1. Mount of Venus,
Very large, over-developed physically very energetic, hedonistic.
Wide and round, warm-spirited, sincere caring, love children.
Flat, did not develop a physical meaning fragile state, broke away and can stand on its own.
High and loud, very oriented toward sex.
Tall and soft, easily moved and hesitated.
The lower part is more prominent, like things art

2. Bottom Mars
Normal size, Brave-assertive.
Flat, not expand, a coward, afraid of physical suffering.
Very large, may be cruel, but never afraid to take risks

3. Mount of Jupiter
Signifies the spirit, enthusiasm, bertempramen good and friendly.

4. Mount of Saturn
Normal, serious thought, careful, prudent.
Flat, not having a clear purpose in life.
Sloping hill toward the sun, have a high appreciation of beauty

5. Sun hill
Flat, Lead to a boring life.
Normal, people who are lucky, have good taste.
Very large, growing excessively lavish, extravagant, and hedonistic.
Sloping hill toward Mercury, can make money from art

6. Mount of Mercury
Flat, did not grow dull, gullible, and do not have a sense of humor. People who fail.
Nomal, Quick thinking, persuasive and hard working.
Large, has a good sense of humor
Very large, Cheater, materialistic and long arms.

7. Mars Hill
Flat, tend coward because only interested in self-
Normal, Dare to defend the truth
Very big, bad Bertempramen, mentally cruel.

8. Moon Hill
Normal, sensitive, romantic and imaginative.
Flat, less imaginative, has no sense of sympathy, not stable.
Very large, imaginative exaggeration, intropeksif, probably not honest
High and loud, indecisive leader, easily offended

So it is two methods to read a line of hand may be useful just to add insight.

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