Jennifer Lopez Come Promote Playbook

Launch Playbook that reportedly greeted less warmly, may be changed crowded if Jennifer Lopez or J-Lo comes promote it. This is what Best Buy in attracting the attention of consumers to buy Playbook.

No mention is whether J-Lo's Playbook become brand ambassadors in the United States (U.S.) or not. What is clear, it seems American Idol judge is lined up to star in support of tablets made ​​by Reserach In Motion (RIM) is.

Reported by The Sun on Thursday (21/04/2011), one day after the launch of the Playbook, 41-year-old woman accidentally went to Best Buy in Los Angeles, USA, to raise 'awareness' public of the presence of Playbook.

To create a consumer to know, J-Lo suggested the Best Buy and marketing teams RIM to post a series of tweets to more than 1.5 million followernya, about his coming to Best Buy.

"I'll pick new Playbook @ BlackBerry # @ BestBuy today at 6 pm. Anybody want to join?," wrote the singer of 'Love Do not Cost a Thing'is. Several others posted tweets in a row until he finally truly arrived at Best Buy and hold Playbook.

"I almost got to see @ @ BestBuy BlackBerry # Playbook. # LOVE? it! Everything I need, music, web applications and is based on my bag!," he said.

J-Lo's Coming to Best Buy while also promoting a new album soon circulated, entitled LOVE. That is why, in addition to affix hashtag # Playbook, several times he also seemed to include hashtag # LOVE.

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