Dish Network: BlockBuster at 500 Locations is Over

Dish Network is no dummy. They know that they can get more business since they are most likely going to have all of the customer list of BlockBuster. There are a few of the stores that are going to stay open but we are not really sure what they will be doing with the stores. Dish Network seems to be mainly interested in the online streaming.

Shuttering all of them seemed like a very real possibility, but it now looks like Dish has plans for at least a few of Blockbuster's old stomping grounds. On Saturday, the company agreed to assume the leases for about 500 of the 1,700 Blockbuster locations still in operation, according to papers filed with a New York Bankruptcy Court. Of course, it's still unclear what Dish plans to actually do with these stores -- or, for that matter, with the Blockbuster brand, as a whole. But it certainly looks like its long-term vision may incorporate at least some of Blockbuster's brick-and-mortar roots.

Are you a fan of Dish Network? If you are then you would be interested to hear that they won the bid for the BlockBuster stores. Dish says this is going to give them a new way to market their services. There is some talk about having streaming online video. This could be who will be a Netflix competitor and come head to head with Netflix.

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