Blekko Search Engine, Google Competitors

Blekko Search Engine, Google Competitors

Competitors in the world of search engines has increased by one. Google is still the 'king' it by taking control of 65 percent in the realm of search sites, followed by Yahoo's search, Bing from Microsoft and another Blekko. Despite being a newcomer in the wilds of search engine, Blekko headquartered in Silicon Valley, California is optimistic that can compete with a giant search engine company with its own uniqueness.

According to Rich Skrenta, founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Blekko, online search will show results more clean from spam and websites that are guaranteed safe to visit. "We will present the best information sources for users," he said. After 2.5 years in the beta test phase, now Blekko can use the search engine users by visiting address. To build systems that search, Blekko been drained of funds up to U.S. $ 24 million from various investors, including Marc Andreessen, a creator of the first web browser, and Ron Conway, who has invested in various technology companies including Twitter, Foursquare, even google.

Blekko site has several special directories, namely health, recipes, song lyrics, hotels, cars, college, and financial. On the site, users can also create their own personal directory for any topic. In a statement, Google Inc.. say welcome competition in the realm of search engines with existing services and new entrants. "Having a competitor will make us work harder," said Google.

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