Paul The Octopus Dead Astrologer Strategies

Paul The Octopus Dead

DAPD German news agency said that if Paul, octopus accurate predictor of fame in the 2010 World Cup have been dead. Paul reached the top of the triumph after successfully predicting the results of matches in South Africa last. As reported by Yahoosport, Tuesday, October 26, 2010, death of 'octopus magic' has also announced the aquarium in Oberhausen that had cared for him. Paul The Octopus is dead at age 2 years.

This reinforces the prediction and the fact that the age of an octopus reaching a maximum of 3 years. But until now, the authorities in the aquarium Oberhausen, Germany still can not be contacted to determine the actual cause of death.

At World Cup 2010, Paul correctly guessed all the winners of the match. Includes predict Germany's defeat of Spain in the semifinals. Paul also correctly predicts Spain's championship in the final after the Dutch conquered the mere puppet goal by Andres Iniesta. Above predictions, the Government of Spain awarded Paul as an honorary citizen Carballino City, Spain.

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